Site Analysis


Let Mr. Pothole Pavement Restoration Specialists ease the burden associated with all phases of planning for your maintenance and repair activities by providing a site analysis report that contains a comprehensive analysis of the condition of your property's pavement. This report also includes a recommended multi-year, strategic plan of action that outlines a strategy for repairing and maintaining the pavement year over year.

The analysis identifies all areas that should be considered for repair or maintenance activities, assigns priorities to each, provides estimated cost, and recommends an order of precedence that can be spread over a specified time period, typically three (3) to five (5) years.

Multi-Year Budget Planning: One of the main advantages of these reports is to assist with multi-year budget planning that supports a logical sequence of activities taking into consideration the urgency of liability issues, their probability of occurrence, urgency of pavement failures, elimination of root cause of failure before repairing symptoms, and aesthetics.

Pre-Acquisition Due-Diligence: One of the most important activities of acquiring a new property is to fully understand the current condition of the property, the current level of liability risk lurking on the property, and to get a view of the anticipated short and long term expenses associated with the repair and upkeep of the pavement on the property. Our Site Analysis reports provide the precise, detailed information required in order to get the full picture regarding the condition of the pavement associated with the property.