Maintenance Services


Maintenance Services - OverviewLike any structure that is continuously exposed to the elements, asphalt pavement will eventually age, crack, and fail. Typical lifespan of an asphalt parking lot is approximately 20 - 30 years depending on various factors such as loading, initial design, environmental conditions, etc. Properly maintaining your asphalt can add significant life and usability.

Proper maintenance of asphalt pavement includes various activities that should be performed on a regular basis. These activities include annual surveys of the integrity of the pavement, identifying and solving drainage issues before they result in asphalt failures, crack-filling, sealcoating and striping on a regular basis, and performing pre-emptive asphalt repairs.

Refer to the Learning Center section of this site for more detailed information regarding the asphalt pavement life cycle and types of failures that can be expected to occur over time.